Building a sustainable


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Our strength is the long term

A look inside a factory.

At the beginning of 2017, the first sustainable products came from our factory through our partners. We now produce in both Europe and Asia and have a capacity of more than one hundred thousand energy products per year.

Less material, more impact.

Since 2021, our suppliers have used an average of 38% less packaging material. Elektra Unie obliges all suppliers who deliver to Elektra Unie to optimize their packaging based on the guidelines of Elektra Unie.

Our optimized packaging is more sustainable and improves business operations. We create packaging that saves space and material and optimally protects products.

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How It's Made.

  1. Cutting solar cells
  2. Welding and setting cells together
  3. Installation of solar cells
  4. First EL test
  5. Lamination & finishing
  6. Exterior inspection
  7. Place frame
  8. Connection box attachment
  9. Solidify
  10. IV test
  11. Last EL test
  12. Labeling and packaging

A new kind of production

We produce thousands of home batteries and solar panels yearly because we know that terawatt-scale production and increasingly affordable energy storage are the route to a more sustainable future.

The robots on our production line complement the precision of our colleagues and perform superhuman tasks, such as aligning parts to the micrometer.

Our goal is to operate the safest factories. Our environmental and safety team is committed to optimizing ergonomics and encourages colleagues to recognize risks to prevent accidents.

We design every Elektra Unie facility from the ground up to run on sustainable energy. This will further reduce the overall impact of owning our energy-saving products on the environment.


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