How do offsetting arrangements for solar panels work?

You supply power back to the electricity grid, so your energy meter runs back. You provide electricity back to the grid at the same rate you would pay for it at your supplier. So you sell electricity to your energy supplier. The supplier settles the electricity you have used on your annual accounts.


The reimbursement fee for solar panels
If the offsetting arrangement is ever adjusted, part of the electricity that you generate too much is no longer covered by offsetting arrangements. This part is getting bigger every year. You will, of course, receive a fee for this, and this is the feed-in fee, and this fee is for every kWh that you return.

Save to a battery
It is possible to store the energy from solar panels in a battery. When the battery is empty, you get power from the electricity grid. In the solar months, you can be independent of the electricity grid.

Sign up for offsetting arrangements

Offsetting arrangements do not happen automatically, so you have to register the solar panels on Preferably before the solar panels generate energy. This way, your energy supplier and grid operator know you will supply energy and how much.

The grid operator checks whether your energy meter can register your solar panels‘ energy. The meter must be able to distinguish the current that you receive and generate from each other. You will receive an email from the network operator about whether or not the meter is suitable.