How much can you save with a hybrid heat pump?

With the heat pump, you save on gas, which is better for the climate.

Please note that the savings are an estimate based on your address and data from public sources.

Consume up to 70% less gas.

With a hybrid heat pump from Bob, you heat your home now and in the future. Gas is becoming increasingly expensive and causes CO₂ emissions, so the government encourages you to heat your home with a heat pump by offering subsidies.

Heating your home with a hybrid heat pump.

Lower energy bills

Your power consumption increases, but your gas consumption decreases.

Reduce CO₂ emissions

The heat pump ensures that your central heating boiler turns on less often

Receive grants

Receive a subsidy for the purchase of a heat pump.

Increase in the value of the house

Improve your energy label and increase your home value.

Heat pumps of the highest quality

elektra unie vaillant elektraunie warmtepomp kopen

Vaillant aroTherm

Version: hybrid
KW: 5.5
Specs: Monoblock
Colour: Black/white

elektra unie daikin Bob warmtepomp

Bob / Daikin

Version: hybrid
KW: 5-12
Specs: Monoblock
Colour: Black/white/grey

elektra unie bosch elektraunie

Bosch Compress

Version: hybrid
KW: 5
Specs: Monoblock
Colour: White

Premium +

Frequently asked questions

There are two types of heat pumps:

The fully electric heat pump.
 This takes care of your home’s total heating and hot water needs. This can be done with the heat from the air, but also from the soil or groundwater.

A hybrid heat pump.
 These support the central heating boiler. You save on gas consumption, but your central heating boiler still turns on for your hot tap water if it gets too cold outside.

A hybrid heat pump suits existing homes with a central heating boiler. You do not need a special heating system, such as underfloor heating.

A saving of up to 70% is possible. But the actual savings are highly dependent on several factors. Think of your gas consumption, the power of your heat pump, the insulation of your house, how much you shower, how often your central heating boiler turns on, what kind of heaters you have, etc.

For the purchase of a hybrid heat pump, an ISDE (Investment Subsidy Sustainable Energy and Energy Saving) is available. The height depends on the type of heat pump. For the heat pumps in our range, this can amount to € 2,700,-.

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